This game has won Best in Show in the 2020 MAGD Expo at UW-Whitewater!


Split is a two player game that requires you to work together with a friend to complete puzzles  and gather collectibles.

To unlock Endless Mode you must get 100% in challenge mode by getting 3 stars on each level. 

Created by:

  • Wesley McWhorter (@WesMcW) - Programming & Level Design
  • Leah Blasczyk (@Lebrra) - Programming & Level Design
  • Sydney Myers (@squidmyers33) - Lead Artist
  • Zack Garner (@ZAG852) - Programming & Level Design
  • Adam Weber (@Zaidis) - Programming & Level Design
  • Nathan Frazier (@somebadRAM) - Music & Audio Design
  • Dakota DeLaruelle (@limitDak) - Programming
  • Nick Hwang - Level Design

This game was created for a 48 hour game jam at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Updated 13 days ago
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsWesMcW, Leah, Sydney Myers, Zaidis, ZAG852, Nathan F., limitDak
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Co-op, Endless, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Team-Based
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Split_Windows.zip 33 MB
Split.app.tar.gz 32 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the attached file.

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This a fun little game that can be played with a young child to help them work through puzzles! I absolutely love this game

This game absolutely loves you <3